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Lô Bilbao Guesthouse

Opened in 2018, 6 luxury rooms in Bilbao's Plaza Nueva.


Plaza Nueva Bilbao Guesthouse

Inaugurated in 2019, 6 luxury rooms in Bilbao's Plaza Nueva.


Ama Bilbao Guesthouse

Inaugurated in 2020, 15 luxury rooms on Loteria Street.


Bilbao Luxury Boutique Rooms

We welcome you to our 3 Bilbao Luxury Boutique Rooms located in the very centre of Bilbao’s Old Town.

Just 50 metres from the metro, tram and bus station. A strategic enclave for you to have all the places of interest (culinary, artistic, cultural…) at your disposal.

Our facilities are modern and very well decorated: each one of them is unique.

We want you to start getting to know Bilbao from your place of rest.

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Our pensions

Luxury Lô Bilbao Guesthouse

Our first guesthouse, inaugurated in 2018, Pensión Luxury Lô Bilbao, is located in one of the entrances to the Plaza Nueva (historical-artistic monument). We created 6 modern rooms for you to rest and enjoy our facilities with all the amenities and luxury with the highest quality, comfort and safety in our facilities.

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Luxury Plaza Nueva Guesthouse

Our second guesthouse, inaugurated in 2019, Pensión Luxury Plaza Nueva Bilbao, is located in the historic centre of the city, in Plaza Nueva itself. We have 6 rooms, each with its own style. They are designed with all the comforts, technological and security advances to make you feel at home.

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Luxury Ama Bilbao Guesthouse

Our third pension, inaugurated in 2020, Pension Luxury Ama Bilbao is located in the historic centre of the city, in Lotería street, it is the largest, with 15 rooms and reception from 9 to 24 hours for the 3 pensions that are very close, just 100 metres away. We want your rest to be truly luxurious.

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Bilbao Luxury Boutique Rooms


Ama Bilbao Guesthouse

Loteria, 3, 48005 Bilbao, Vizcaya

Plaza Nueva Guesthouse

Plaza Nueva, 1, 48005 Bilbao, Vizcaya

Lo Bilbao Guesthouse

Cuevas Ekain, 3, 48005 Bilbao, Vizcaya

Global phone

+34 681 024 999

Reception hours

10:00 – 20:00

Global Email

Where to eat in Bilbao

We put at your disposal probably 8 of the best restaurants in Bilbao, awarded in competitions, with the best pintos bars in Bilbao, raw material of the highest local quality, specialised in meat and fish and with an open kitchen all day long.

From the best breakfasts, to the incredible pintos bars or the wonderful menus of the day, including a specialised menu.

You can make your reservation or any enquiry about the 8 restaurants by calling 946 791 440.

Come and visit us!

Amaren restaurant

The best steak restaurant in Bilbao, we offer authentic and certified oxen, every day, from our own livestock located a few kilometres from the city, we are the champions of the national grill competition 2019.


Toma y Daka restaurant

Basque cuisine, we work almost exclusively with local producers, to offer you our gastronomy at its best, a traditional grilled cuisine, in a place with a beer speciality with more than 9 taps to pair with our portions and a kitchen open all day long.


Victor Montes restaurant

Since 1849 history and quality; one of the oldest establishments in the city and a historic part of Bilbao, our façade is part of Bilbao’s historical heritage and at one of our tables the Guggenheim treaty was signed with Frank Ghery as the protagonist, we began as a gourmet shop and that spirit has been maintained in the restaurant as our hallmark. Kitchen open all day.


La Olla de la Plaza Nueva restaurant

The most awarded pintxo bar in the city, golden toothpick for the best pintxo bar in Bizkaia, you won’t know which pintxo to start with or which one to finish with, our pintxo expertise is translated into a very carefully selected menu, where you will find the kitchen open all day long.


Markina restaurant

Traditional Basque cuisine, specialising in fish from our coast, an authentic establishment where the quality of the raw material is the main sign of identity, trying to make it as local as possible.


Zurekin restaurant

The bar for everything in the centre, a spacious bar-restaurant with a kitchen open all day and a large terrace where you can start the day with our excellent breakfasts, enjoy an aperitif and one of the best pintxo bars, share our carefully selected portions and have a good Gin and Tonic in the evening surrounded by the best atmosphere in Bilbao.


La Parada de Bilbao restaurant

Specialising in homemade vegan cuisine and daily menus, made with fresh products, where you will find a multitude of options to choose from, we offer daily menus even on Saturday evenings and Sundays at midday in our spacious dining room in the centre of Bilbao.


Bar La Olla

The home of Iberian cured meats and Cantabrian products, the best cold meats in the country and a selection of premium Iberian meats together with the finest from our sea; anchovies and butterfly anchovies, tuna belly, red tuna…we have a large terrace with a kitchen open all day.